My First Kiss

Thursday. I never thought that day would be special. Very special. Very memorable. But now, it is marked in my calendar. I will never forget this day — Sept. 26.

Dreamscape had a press conference for the grand finale of Muling Buksan Ang Puso. It stars Julia Montes, Enchong Dee and of course, my love Enrique Gil.

It was an intimate gathering of the entertainment press and the three lead stars of the series. Dinner was served when Julia Montes walks her way through the stage, signaling the start of the press con.

He is looking at me :)MY BET. During the press con, girls at the back (us) were betting who’s next to be called: if it is going to be Enchong or Enrique. I knew deep inside my heart that Enrique will be last to put in the hot seat, so Enchong is next in line. For my officemate/friend Myan who is an avid fan of Enchong, she believes Enchong will be the last person to be interviewed by the press.

After Julia’s interview comes an AVP of Enchong’s journey in MBAP. And so who won? Me. I bet for the win! And Myan paid for my trike that night 🙂

But the highlight of my night was Enrique’s entrance in the venue. He wore a camouflage shirt and a black jacket. It fits his brown shoes paired with grey-colored pants. He brought himself as Francis that night.

I stayed infront of the stage, indian seated while he is being interviewed by the press. There were eight to 10 questions thrown to him which he answered softly and with conviction. He also promoted his first dance album under Star Records, ‘KING of the GIL.’

THE CONCERT. Enrique will have his first-ever concert and it will be in the Big Dome, Araneta Coliseum on November 29! He wants to be fit and ready before the concert so he really finds time to exercise and the like.

THE KISS. And so it came unexpectedly. It is not scripted. We had a group photo with him and I place myself beside him (hugging his back). After the shot, ate Rj said this, “Enrique, crush na crush ka kasi talaga niya (me). Pwede bang i-kiss mo siya?” And he replied “Oo naman, sure.” And I am in shocked! Oh may Gil!!! And then he immediately kissed my right cheek.

That was my first kiss from a celebrity and it was from my super duper crush!!! Special shoutout to ate RJ for doing that bravely!


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