On Gangnam Style and the Weirdos

Photos taken from the web

A had a weird dream. It’s inappropriate if I’ll call it a ‘nightmare,’ because it isn’t.

I don’t know how it started. All I can remember is that we were dancing. We were inside a classroom full of people, standing and dancing with the song playing in the background.

“Oppan Gangnam Style… Op op op op oppan Gangnam Style…” This is weird, really, really weird.

The crowd is dancing as Psy dances and teaches the steps of his chart-topping song ‘Gangnam Style.’

This is weird because I can dreamt of Psy’s new single ‘Gentleman,’ but still it was ‘Gangnam Style’ and I hate that song because it has connection to some of the past events.

I think my recent dream has connection with what happened the night before. My aunt, cousin and I were busy collecting some old photos for the ‘Throwback Thursday’ before we sleep. I was very happy seeing our photos taken 10 years ago and it seems like I didn’t changed at all. Haha!

So back to my dream, hmmm… I take the ‘happiness’ I felt the night before has resulted a weird dream.

I never thought I’ll have a dream like this one. But the advantage of it was the fact that I saw Psy in person, in front of me and dancing — but just in my dream.


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