Fifty Shades Trilogy

Fifty Shades Trilogy

Fifty Shades Trilogy

I doubt myself. I can’t finish Fifty Shades trilogy, not in my inner goddess, but I managed to finish it after 16 days. Well, local celeb Sherilyn Reynes finished reading the trilogy for roughly two weeks, just like me.

That fine Wednesday, I started reading Fifty Shades of Grey after downloading an e-book version of it. At first, it shocked me a lot because of erotic scenes (but I’m aware then), but I still manage to go on reading. I really don’t have the interest to finish it and read other books in the trilogy but I did it on purpose. I’m confused. I want to know what will be the ending of Christian Grey-Anastasia Steele love story.

Pushing myself to read books again, it’s the first time that I am eager to go home and just read! The book interests me a lot. I am like Hazel Grace of ‘The Fault in our Stars,’ she doesn’t want to talk to anybody and she treated books as a friend. It’s also a form of addiction. I can’t control myself to read the book during office hours (which I’m doing during lunch time, kinda fair right?)

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. It is hyped. It was release years ago but I did not join the bandwagon. As I’ve said, I’m so 2000 and late and I’m aware of it. Some people read it because it’s the norm, reading it might brand you as part of the ‘Pop Culture.’ It interests me this year because the movie adaptation is in the works. I prefer reading books to be played in theaters. Why? While reading, you tend to visualize each character’s face, body built and the like. So giving it a life via movie will satisfy your hunger for characters’ descriptions. I really want to know how Christian’s apartment looked like.

FIFTY SHADES DARKER. “Fifty Shades of Grey done, two more books to go then I can move on,” says my thought bubble. So I continue the journey of Mr. Grey and Ms. Steele in Fifty Shades Darker with more revelations. The second book led me to liking the song ‘Try’ by Nelly Furtado. “And I see you standing there, wanting more from me, and all I can do is try,” these lines fit the relationship Christian and Anastasia have. During office hours, I am murdering the repeat button for that song to play endlessly. It gives me some energy that I can’t explain.

FIFTY SHADES FREED. This book is more romantic for me compared to the first two series. I am attached to the characters especially to control freak Mr. Grey. It is my favorite series from the trilogy. Christian’s ‘fifty shades’ finally shaded.

Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele

Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele for Fifty Shades of Grey The Movie

BREATHE TO LIFE. Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson will play as Christian and Anastasia in the movie adaptation. I wonder who will play the characters of Kate, Elliot, Ethan, Mrs. Robinson and of course Taylor. I also wonder how will they trim stories of three books in only one film, approximately two hours?

I love how the story is told in Fifty Shades. It’s easy to read and understand, thanks to its author, E. L. James. It also presents the BDSM –there’s a dominant and a submissive. You cannot delete the ‘kinky fuckery’ scenes because that’s the story itself. But minus those scenes, the story is incomparable.

Book covers depict stories behind it. Once you’ve done reading the book, you will know why. It’s perfect for every book in the trilogy.

Matt Bomer is perfect as Christian Grey

Matt Bomer is perfect as Christian Grey

For me, the perfect fit to play the role of Christian is Matt Bomer — the copper-colored hair and its length, gray eyes and body built, he really is the one. For Anastasia, Dakota is fine. My only issue is that she looks older for a 21-year old girl.

THERE IS CHRISTIAN GREY IN EVERY MAN. Christian had troubled past and it has connection to his present. He became a successful businessman through it.

THEODORE RAYMOND GREY. The name is unfamiliar but to readers of the trilogy, we know. No spoiler alert. All I know is that E.L. James will release the Epilogue come May 2014. Happy? Of course.


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