OTJ, the second time around

After a week of monitoring some reviews from Rito Asilo of Philippine Daily Inquirer, Mario Bautista of Malaya, Eric Cabahug of InterAksyon.com and Mari-An Santos of Philippine Entertainment Portal, I finally watched the movie On the Job (OTJ). It’s part of Star Cinema’s offering for its 20th anniversary and I have to commend the film arm of ABS-CBN for a nice move since this film raves a lot of positive reviews all over the country — especially internationally after receiving standing ovations when played in Cannes Film Festival this year.

OTJ Movie Poster

OTJ Movie Poster

Based on our monitoring, Tom Cruise wants to buy the rights of the film and plans to revive it in Hollywood. In addition to that, foreign distributors have interest to release the movie abroad. Wow! Indeed, this movie should be seen by us, tax payers. The story is written with conviction, extolling the crucial importance of being open-minded to such instances. It gives you not just glimpse of what’s happening in our country, but the whole dirty processes as well.

STORY. In the story, Joel Torre is a hitman and Gerald Anderson is trained to be one so the latter is always with Torre. Meanwhile, Piolo Pascual is an NBI agent alongside Rayver Cruz. The character of Joey Marquez as a police also plays a vital role in the movie.

SETTING. The setting of the movie was mainly in jail (I have read that they are prohibited to shoot inside jail since it’s too delicate because there are prisoners so they made their own). Compared to other Star Cinema movies with beautiful scenery, some of the locations were in slum areas but it looked perfectly shot in the movie, as it’s also part of the story-telling.

Shocked. There were so many foul dialogues in many scene but I think it isn’t complete without it.

The scoring is exceptional. My favorite part was the chasing scene between NBI agents with policeman and hit men.

OTJ,THE SECOND TIME. I’ve seen it twice and I am still amazed how the story touched the real deal. When watched it for the first time, I am in shocked. I did not watch scenes with brutal killings and the like. For the second time around, I made a decision to stand the scenes since I’m at the state of my consciousness.

Throughout the movie while enjoying my shake shake fries and drinks, I’m wide awake. Wew! P***** Ina! Joey Marquez is the best! Joel Torre is the man! Piolo Pascual is oh so handsome! And Gerald Anderson is the best actor for me. Kudos to OTJ!

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