Pamilya Galindez in Puerto Galera

It was the best weekend of the year for me because I super enjoyed every adventures that we had in Puerto Galera.

There are so many people confused of Puerto Galera and Puerto Prinsesa. Some thought that they are the same. Puerto Galera is located in Oriental Mindoro while Puerto Prinsesa is in Palawan.

For a two-way trip from Cubao to Puerto Galera vise versa, it will cost you less than a thousand pesos per person.

Below are the fares going to Puerto Galera if the origin is from Cubao:

Cubao to Batangas Port via Calabarzon bus: P175

Batangas Port to Puerto Galera White Beach via banca: P500 (two-way ticket) + P30 Terminal fee + P50 Environmental fee = P580

From Cubao to Batangas Port Area, the travel time is from 3-4 hours. We arrived at the port area around 6A.M. and we immediately bought our tickets at Minolo Shipping Lines booth. The trip we got was 7:30A.M. If I’m not mistaken, they only have two trips, one in the morning and afternoon (4:30P.M.)

By 9A.M., we were at Mindoro already and upon anchoring the banca, we rode a shuttle courtesy of Minolo Shipping Lines as well. It’s free of charge of course, I think it’s part of what we’ve paid. The said shuttle took us to the White Beach to where we stayed.

Before going to PG, make your own research on where to stay, where to dine and what to visit at the said place to have an itinerary and enjoy every stay at Galera. That’s what my aunt did! She searched on how to go to Galera, what to visit, food to taste, adventures to try and a whole lot more.

Keep in mind that you have to confirm your two-way tickets from Minolo Shipping Lines staffs upon arriving at White Beach in order for them to set the passengers’ count since one big banca can only carry 100 passengers. Confirming the tickets is a must in order for them to know when are you going to leave for scheduling purposes.

We checked-in at Buenna Lynnes for three days and two nights for only P1,500.

Our first adventure started after we have eaten our breakfast. We rented a shuttle instead of riding tricycle for every back and fort to different parts of Galera. Tamaraw Falls was our first itinerary, and it’s kinda near to the White Beach area. I was wondering why it was called that way but luckily, I saw tamaraw statues near the falls. After some picture taking in front of the falls, we took a bath and the water is very, very cold!

By afternoon before going back to our base, we visited the Virgin Island. There is an entrance fee and I understand that it’s for the maintenance of the area. Compared to the White Beach, Virgin Island’s sand is “pino.”


On our day-two at Galera, it’s island hopping time! That day, we got to experience snorkeling and fish feeding and it’s really, really unforgettable! I fell in-love with the beauty of nature for every island hopping we had. I am amazed every time I see corals under the sea.

The most unforgettable moment during our island hopping was ‘lunch by the beach.’ We had our lunch at one of the islands in Galera, ate fresh fishes caught right before we stopped over the island.

What I liked most about our recent travel — I get to appreciate every little things God has created, from sand, rock formations, etc. They are really amazing!

Our safe haven, Buenna Lynnes, has free wifi so we’re kinda active on social media while at Galera. Actually, most of the resorts in Galera has wifi, which is a very good thing. What’s special and advantage of checking in Buenna Lynnes, you are free to visit and swim at Buenna Maria Farm Resort.


For our two nights stay at Galera, we always had our dinner at Foodtrip’s. They have unlimited rice promo so we tend to give into it on our second night by ordering Tapsilog. For our first night try, we ordered Foodtrip’s lugaw.

We also tried their Pancake Volcano which was enough for us (seven). Why ate at Foodtrip’s? According to my aunt, it was included in “Ang Pinaka’s” list of where to eat at Galera.

When it comes to food, there’s no special in Galera. What you eat in Manila, you will also eat in Galera, no ‘must try’ to taste, just more on the beaches that attract tourists.

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