Meeting Old Friends is Always New

It takes one brave man to do the initiative of reuniting old friends. It takes patience because not everyone in the group has fixed schedules especially if they are working in a call center. But as the saying goes, “Kung gusto maraming paraan,” so here we are again…

It’s good to know that even after graduating from College, we still have communications. I’m proud of how far their careers went! Some of us worked in broadcasting companies and government agencies which were connected in our course. Others chose to work in call center companies but they are businessminded.

I missed the old times with them — eating street foods or unli lugaw before going home became our habit.

Our bond as friends remains to be associated with food! Yes, you read it right! We love to eat that’s why our bonding time should always have the presence of food.

But here we are at present… all grown up, matured enough facing the so-called ‘real world.’





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