Meet Quen, My Ken

While writing this blog entry, I don’t know what to say… All I knew was that I love him, my Ken “Quen.”

I fell inlove with my crush, he’s Enrique Gil a.k.a “Quen.” I first saw him in person way back my OJT days to where I am currently working now. He’s just my co-OJT’s crush, and seeing him that close doesn’t matter to me that time. But now that I had the opportunity of seeing him when he’s now my crush, it really matters!

The press conference for “Muling Buksan Ang Puso” has ended but still, Enrique is being interviewed by one of the press members. From afar, I saw him giving his best to answer that one-on-one interview. He’s looking at me while I’m about to come to where they were standing, and I also knew that he’s aware I’m taking some shots using my phone’s camera. Me and my office mates were waiting patiently for the interview to finish so we can have a photo with him.

As soon as the interview ended, I approached Enrique and politely responded “sure, sure.” And presto! He’s now holding my love handle and noticed my eyes, “Ang ganda ng contact lense mo ah…” Woo!!! That compliment made me freeze for a moment. And here’s our photo together:

Meet my Ken, "Quen"

Meet my Ken, “Quen”

He really looks like Ken in person, a male version of Barbie. He is gorgeous, I promise!

I also had the chance to have a photo with Enchong Dee and he’s very accommodating too! Look!!! We also have a group shot with him. Let us support their newest show, “Muling Buksan Ang Puso,” airs Monday to Friday on ABS-CBN.

Also, a fresh news from Enrique himself, he posted in his Instagram account the cover of his first ever album under Star Records. Dubbed as ‘King of the Gil,’ probably it’s a dance album. It’s only P199, super affordable… I would like to have one and if given the chance, I will ask for his autograph. Kilig much!!!

Enrique Gil's first ever album cover

Enrique Gil’s first ever album cover


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