Taking Chances

I’m not fond of books, in all honesty. I just read some: Humano Morphs and Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons to name a few. Everything I had read became my favorites in an instant.

But there is one book that is still on my mind, and I can’t get over it –as much as it needs to have a space in my blog. It is written by Molly McAdams, ‘Taking Chances.’ It was release last year but I just knew it from a friend. She gave me copies of e-books (pdf file) for me to read: Taking Chances, Stealing Harper and From Ashes, all written by McAdams.

Taking Chances book cover

Taking Chances book cover

I started reading Taking Chances Sunday evening and resume reading it right before I go to sleep because I work weekdays (and reading e-book might be hindrance to me working efficiently). Reading the e-book became my nightly habit and now I’m missing it.

The story revolves around a sheltered girl named Harper Taylor, who lives with his father until she enters College. Her world eventually becomes open to new things, especially upon meeting her roommate turned best friend, Breanna Grayson.

I can’t believe I cried for this book. It really affect me a lot. I felt like the book just broke up with me, leaving me brokenhearted. It’s like you’re in a roller coaster ride while reading it — you will feel loved and hated. You will also fall in-love with its characters by the way they were described in the book; Harper Taylor, Brandon and of course, Chase Grayson. I’ll stop here. No spoiler alert for you to read the book too.

One thing that I and the rest who have read the book shared — we cried at some point. It left me teary-eyed as I skim the pages, hoping “that incident” did not happened.

As the title of the book suggests, ‘Taking Chances,’ I figured it out until I’m done reading it. It’s not just all about love, it also touch relationships with friends and family.

I’m happy that McAdams came up with another book, ‘Stealing Harper,’ which connotes that it has connection with ‘Taking Chances’ since “Harper” is one of the character names in the said book. After a week of reading it, it took me less than a day to finish reading ‘Stealing Harper.’ McAdams is such a genius writer!

I am Team Chase! Well, majority who have read the book were Team Chase too, and I’m telling you, you might be one of us! 🙂

REALITY. Reading the book about taking chances, I believe everyone deserves a chance. God can forgive a sin, therefore, we should be. Let me share with you one of the many quotes in McAdam’s masterpiece:

“We can’t let what’s happened in our pasts, rule our lives now and in the future.” — Brandon to Harper


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