Rebonding at Heaven’s Salon

Heaven's Salon is famous  for its prominent chandeliers!

Heaven’s Salon is famous for its prominent chandeliers!

It was planned and it happened. I thought it will be cancelled because I am sick the other night.

Nov. 30, 2012 is the day I reserved for my hair rebonding. Last year, I went to Heaven’s Salon at Mandaluyong City (as recommended by a friend, it is also the main branch). It was my second time at the salon though. My first was last December 10, 2011. I have decided to go back to Heaven’s Salon as I was satisfied with the results last year.

The thing is, from last year to this year, their price never changed. I think it’s because of its clients that return to the salon, they have the so-called “suki.” So a big check for me because it is tested!!! ✔

From 2011 to 2012, Heaven's Salon price did not changed.

From 2011 to 2012, Heaven’s Salon price did not changed.

We arrived at the salon past 10 AM, and we saw huge no. of girls waiting for their turn to call. We saw a Heaven’s Salon staff named Eden, and she’s very accommodating and jolly. She is in-charge of the listing of girls’ names.

She's Eden, a Heaven's Salon staff

She’s Eden, a Heaven’s Salon staff

Below is the list of package Heaven’s Salon offers:

Package 1: Rebond with washable cello + hair mask (P775)

Package 2: Rebond with permanent cellophane + hair mask & vitamin C (P1,185)

Package 3: Rebond with “service all you can” for hair treatment + hair cut (P1,339)

Package 4: Rebond with “service all you can” for hair treatment + haircut, foot spa and kilay (P1,442)

*Package 2 – 4 comes with a free Eat All You Can (lunch or dinner)

The buffet (lunch or dinner) is located at the 3rd floor.

The buffet (lunch or dinner) is located at the 3rd floor.

Now that’s the difference of Heaven’s Salon among others – an Eat All You Can lunch or dinner!!! Yes it’s true! By the way I chose package 3.


First thing that you will need to keep in mind before going to the salon, you need not to condition your hair if you’re going to have a rebond. Tendency is, “hindi kakapit ang gamot sa buhok.” All you need to do is shampoo your hair, otherwise when you conditioned your hair, they will still shampoo it.


At the rinsing section… It is located outside the salon, but it’s beside the area.

Rebond treatment or R1 will be the first one to apply in the hair. It depends on the condition of hair how much time is needed for rinsing. After 40 minutes (as advised by a Heaven’s staff that only 40 minutes is needed for my hair), the staff rinse my hair then blower to dry for hair iron.


Long line going to the hair drying section of the salon.


At the hair drying section – three staffs at the same time, meaning, three girls at the same time too.


Waiting for my turn to blower my hair, clicking the phone’s camera and look!

Because of Heaven’s hundreds of clients, I waited for three hours just to iron my hair. Such patience is needed, a “tiis-ganda” moment. After ironing, they applied vitamin C and I waited again for 30 minutes before rinsing my hair.


There you go, here’s my Mama holding a cup of coffee while waiting for me.

The next procedure which I really liked was the application of cellophane. I chose Medium Golden Blonde for my permanent cellophane. The last thing that they will do is to cut/trim your hair. For my part, I don’t need it and that they haircut is not nice at all… Overall, it took me half day to get the result I wanted. You really need to allot one day if you want your hair rebonded at Heaven’s Salon.

What I like about the rebonding at Heaven’s Salon is that it never looked like your hair undergone rebonding. Other rebonding results happened to looked like a “walis tingting,” your hair strands tend to be frizzy. Well, for the conveniece at the said salon, I would say you will not relax because you need to go up and down at their building. Their rinsing area is located outside the salon, though beside it, also their cellophane application and hair drying sections are at the 2nd floor of the salon.

A salon should make us feel relax but because a lot of girls flocked to Heaven’s Salon daily (especially if it’s holiday), you will need some patience. A piece of advice, better have some entertainment with you – bring mp3’s, tablets, iPods, etc.; bring a book and believe me, you will most likely finish it! It is also better if you have some companion with you, someone with patience too.

Ending – I still love the result and will go back again and again. They adviced me to visit the salon every three (3) months for retouching of hair color through cellophane with hair spa, but of course, – it has payment which will just cost you around P300-400.00 only.

My hair taken last Dec. 26, 2012

My hair taken last Dec. 26, 2012 (a month after the rebond)

Taken last March 6, 2013

Taken last March 6, 2013 (no hair color retouch)

Wanna try their services? Below are Heaven’s Salon’s contact information that can be found from the list they offer (I have a hard time finding their contact nos before, so I did it for you girls):

Main Branch: 227-6486 / 477-0059
Rosario Pasig: 391-8663 / 477-0059
Rotonda Pasig: 345-4513 / 477-0059
Biñan: 0920-8146753 / 511-8269
Quezon City Quirino Highway: 392-0309 / 477-0059

How to get there? Well, every time I visit the salon, I always ride a cab.  Around P150-200″papunta-pabalik” from Greenhills to Heaven’s Salon, Acacia Lane, Mandaluyong City.

PS: I made this blog post because a lot of girls out there wanted to know the best rebonding in the Philippines, trying to search on the internet others’ experiences before they push through with the service. I would say Heaven’s Salon is ‘the best’ for me with the cheapest price.


53 thoughts on “Rebonding at Heaven’s Salon

  1. Hi, I try magparebond sa heaven salon.. kz nakita q sxa sa tv. Dami nga nagpaparebond. Sa kanila.. kz pagnagpaparebond me sa ibang parlor pag na wash n ung hair pumapangit. Nagiging dry…

  2. until now di p rn nag bbgo ung price? natural hair ba tgnan after rebond? dry n ung akin, as in. di kaya lalong msira ulit?keri b nla un?

      • hi sis..2months ago p lng ung hair color q kya lng mron n xa nkktang black hair n tumutubo na,ask qlng if pde nb q mgparebond khit 2months plng ung color ng hair q..

  3. Ang panget magpa rebond sa heavens salon nagpa rebond kami ng mga friend ko 5 kami nagpa rebound kaming lima hindi maganda ang ang result lalo na don sa dalawa kong friend na dry na masmaganda pa yung hair nmn nung hindi pa kami nagpa rebound sa kanila pumangit pa ang hair namin nung nagpa rebound sa heavens salon sa dami kc ng customer hindi na nila naaayos ang trabaho nila and unorganize kaya never na kmi magpapa rebond sa heavens salon kaya naman kami nagpa rebond sa hevens salon kc napanood nmn sa my trabaho sa channel 2 kaya wagna kayo magpa rebond jan masisira lang hair nyo panget ang serbisyo nila… Kaya kung ayaw nyo masira hair nyo ngayon pa lang wag na kayo pumunta don…

    • true! nung una andun pa sila sa tapat sa tabi ng gasoline station,,super ganda ng trabaho nila sa buhok nmin ng sister ko,, pero nung nagstart na silang dumami ang customers, ang tagal ng process nila.. lahat nlng pipila ka ng super tagal.. tapos nde na sila pulido kc nga pagod nadin sila sa dmi ng customers.. nde kna nila maasikaso..ang uunahin pa nila ung mga suki nila na malaki magbigay ng tip.. ung sister ko nagparebond dito last year naging frizzy hair nya at kumulot agad.. nasayang lang pera nya pina cut nlng nya hair nya kc ang panget ng kinalabasan.. dati oo maganda service nila.. pero ngayon nde na.

  4. Hi! Ang ganda ng result sayo and bagay din yung hair color sayo.. 🙂 do you have an idea how much hair color sa kanila? And how much yung binigay mong tip? 😀

  5. Hi, ask ko lang kung san banda sa Rosario Pasig ang Heaven’s Salon? Last year kasi sa Q.C. ako na branch…Thanks!!! I love Heaven’
    s Salon…

  6. hello girl…gusto din namin masubukan ung salon n yan kaso we trying to call them but we think thier phone are not available..sobrang galing b talaga ng service nila…tnx for the info..anyway i love you blog…

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