Without ‘Social’ Life


Social Media vs ‘Social’ Life

Believe me, I planned to have no Facebook, no Twitter and no Instagram for Holy week, but I tend to give in to pleasures.

I still tweet and post photos on Instagram and directly been posted in Facebook, but the thing is, I tweet on my #reflections and tweet some thoughts while watching ‘The Passion of the Christ’ on a Good Friday. (Click https://princessthereviewer.wordpress.com/2013/03/29/reflections/ for related item on Good Friday)

After Holy week, I just realized to not post anything on my social media accounts. I’m still trying to limit myself from having a ‘social life’ because in return, I don’t receive from it at all. It will just limit my time for my family, my friends, etc. But I still maintain this blog for my personal fulfillment as a ‘writer,’ though I’m not.

There are things that we can be busy about instead of being addictive to social media, like play Badminton with friends, jog every morning, have a business to keep you busy, and the like. It will not just bring you closer to your loved ones, but it can also make you fit and have some extra income too.

The true ‘social life’ is through intercommunication.


Let us not allow ‘social media’ to use us,’ let’s use them instead.

They say, “What you write is who you are, so as what you post on social media,” but for me, it’s not. Social media can make your life ‘perfect’ just by posting some photos that make your life really a worth living one. But sometimes, the real deal is behind every post you do, every tweet you make and every status you incorporate.

Have a life – mingle, laugh, and not just to stare at a computer, hold a phone with internet connections, etc. Let us utilize the social media for a purpose and let us not allow them to use us.

Life is short. Live as it is our last.


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