Taught to fight, learned I’m right

Some things are better left unsaid, but in our case, it needs to be said.

When someone asks, you have to answer. But sometimes, he/she is not satisfied with the answer. But why?

They say, when you know you’re right, fight for it. When I know it’s the best approach, I will do it.

Funny how someone tries to manipulate the situation when you know it’s not right and you are trying your best to correct it.

I maybe hard at times, I guess, but I’m just being righteous.

In our department, I was being tagged as “Sen. Miriam Santiago” and “Concita Carpio-Morales” for being strict and brave. True enough, my Boss gave me this as a birthday present last year (plus Pata Tim from Shangri-La):

Boss' 'surprise' birthday gift to me :)

Boss’ ‘surprise’ birthday gift to me

Way back in my early years of studying, majority of my teacher/advisers are strict. I tend to be very disciplined and I have the fear so doing the right thing is the only option.

I know that saying the truth is best. So when I know it’s right, I voiced it out to the extent of battling it.

I was taught to fight, therefore I have learned that I’m right. I’m not fooling around so don’t mess with me. Oh! It’s April Fool’s Day by the way and I’m heading home now. ‘Til the next anything!


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