If everything in life is free

What if everything in life is free?

During one of my stays outside for the business, I overheard these questions, “Pa’no kaya kung lahat mayaman? May magtatrabaho pa kaya?” And that makes sense for me!

Now I wonder. Magawa pa kaya nating magbanat ng buto kapag ang pera ay sobra-sobra, na pwede nang bilhin lahat ng gusto natin?

If everything we need is free, everyone will also be very lazy. There will be no perseverance, no hard work, no pain, no realization and no sweat at all.

If everyone is rich, who will lend a helping hand? Who will service you when you eat at restaurants? Who will punch the groceries for you? Who will deliver the stuffs you have ordered?

If the country’s money is over-flowing, there is a big problem. I’ve learned it in our Economics class way back in my College years.

If everyone has a lot of money, then commodities cannot be controlled. Also, the government cannot dictate and control the price of every product.

If I am rich, I would not know the value of hard work and the value of money I have earned from working since I can buy what I want. I would just spend a lot of money without having a second thought for what it’s all about for.

I believe that God made everything fair. It’s up to us, His creation, on how we will appreciate what we have and how we should flourish it.

I am still thankful that we are not all rich, and that we still have the drive to strive.

The best things in life are NOT free at all. It’s up to us how we will make our life fulfilled, without even asking for ‘free’ stuffs, because you know you have enough.

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