The ‘Social Media Monitoring’ Girl

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I had a meeting yesterday with regards to social media monitoring and analysis reporting. It’s been a year since we had one from them (will not disclose the name of company).

But I as the ‘media monitoring girl’ of our department (and ‘NOT’ social media monitoring staff), I had so many meetings on the said topic. We are just on the verge of finding the best social media monitoring tool for us. And for us to get one, we should at least seek some help from other divisions since they are also finding one.

So we had a meeting about it, but it’s not that simple for me.

I’ve tried two dashboards with different social media monitoring styles. For my part, I had fun trying out different sites; it’s still a privilege though.

So let’s back to work. Upon trying out the tool, I need to come up with a report about it. And I did it! But still, they don’t fit our requirements.


“Don’t measure what you can. Measure what you should” – Our Social Times

So the day came when we met (again) with other divisions to listen to the social media monitoring report on such ‘issues’ we’ve raised for them to monitor, given specific time frame. And presto! I liked their presentation to the said topics.

I think the girl made the discussions easy as she answers all the questions clearly. I also consider that it’s a matter of how the topic is being presented to us, if evidently understandable for everyone.

Let’s see… I am still waiting, waiting for added task to be given to me (wish I have ‘increase’ in my salary too)… That usually happens and should be anticipated in this thing called ’employment.’


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