Every day journey at the MRT

MRT during weekends...

MRT during weekends…

I don’t know about you but there’s something in the MRT that changes a person.

MRT stands for Metro Rail Transit. It is a public transformation in the Philippines, alongside jeepneys, buses, etc.

I started riding MRT every day when I am already working. And from that day on, it changes my perception about it.

Before, I was so hesitant to ride it because I hate crowded places. I can ride it; well in fact we rode MRT going to Taft Ave.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, there is something in the MRT that changes a person. It feels like all of the passengers were always in a hurry. Some of them will forcibly push you until you’re out of the train just for them to exit.

I remember this one incident wherein I was forced to leave the train because I was pushed by a woman (though may edad na siya). What I did to her was that I immediately punched my bag to her to make me feel I get back to her from what she has done to me.

There was also a time when I was being mobbed by many passengers. I was about to exit when we were at the Cubao station when people tend to attack me and I being brought inside the train again.

From one of my tweets when I rode the MRT, I said “sa MRT mo makikita lahat ng uri ng ugali ng tao.” There were kind ones, yes, but there are also rude people. And I’m right! 🙂

I should stop complaining, I guess, because I will still ride the MRT every day as long as I don’t have my own car (poor me!) But excuse me, I will have one someday. It’s just a matter of positive thinking with determination to get it. 😉

For now, all I need to do is have the patience and ‘courage’ for every day ride at the MRT. So I’ll just keep my cool! (After posting this, I will ride again the MRT). ‘Til the next anything!

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