The ‘two things’ that embarrassed my Friday


See the photo above?

At the top was a photo of Security Bank ATM located inside ABS-CBN Compound. It’s pay day when I wish to withdraw at that machine, then suddenly upon entering my security pins and amount to be withdrawn, the ATM tends to have a mouse inside!

Believe me, I was really afraid that my cash will be eaten. Bye bye money! 😦 But oh! The security guard in BDO office told me to check because I might have zero balance now in my account, “manakawan ba?”

I was so scared that time seeing the green lights of ATM turned red, and it seems there’s a commotion inside it. After three minutes, I finally got my card and immediately checked my account online. Presto! No money was stolen. 🙂

But let me share with you an article posted in about a victim loses P131,000 to ATM frauds.

Meanwhile, at the bottom photo was a shot while I’m inside the jeepney (rushing to go to work).

I was really running late because I woke up 7 am! By the time I’m supposed to ride a jeepney going to Annapolis, I saw a lot of people in front of the O.B. Montessori School in Greenhills. They are blocking the route to MRT!!! I was then quick to ask the traffic enforcer to where the route of the jeepney and he gave me a good answer.

By the time I’m at the MRT Santolan station, it’s already 8:20 am, and my time in at the office was 8:42 am, very tardy!

The BEST thing that happened to me that Friday (March 8) was that He “sundo” me at the office and “hatid” me at home. We watched PBA game: Alaska VS Petron together! Bonus was, our favorite team Alaska won!!! They are now the no. 1 team in the league (6-1).  And that concludes the day. HAPPY WEEKEND!!! 🙂


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