Pitch Just So Perfect!

If you are a music lover, then definitely this movie is perfect for you!

Last January, I watched the movie Pitch Perfect (pity me, why now only?) I learned the movie from my officemates/friends Myan and JM and lend me a copy.

I thought Pitch Perfect was just a hash tag on Twitter: #PitchPerfect

The movie is different from one of my favorite ones, Step Up 1, 2, 3 and 4. Of course, we all know that Step Up is a dance type of movie, and Pitch Perfect is more on singing (though there’s dancing part).

Pitch Perfect is not just a musical movie, for me it’s about life lessons.

There are a lot of lessons that the movie have imposed and here are some of those:

-Be open to suggestions
-Do not be afraid to try the alternative
-Use your God-given talent
-Never quit!

Be open to suggestions. From the movie’s plot, Aubrey, the leader of the all-girls a cappella group Barden Bellas, doesn’t approved Beca’s arrangement of song when they competed at the semis for the International Collegiate Competition when in fact, it worked out fine. Beca added a song that complemented the song ‘I Saw the Sign’ which the group always sing.

A scene wherein Beca simultaneously sang one of the lyrics of the song 'Titanium' to 'I Saw the Sign' during Barden Bellas' performance.

A scene wherein Beca simultaneously sang one of the lyrics of the song ‘Titanium’ to ‘I Saw the Sign’ during Barden Bellas’ performance.

Do not be afraid to try the alternative. This corresponds to Beca-Aubrey misunderstanding after the semis. The latter did not like what Beca have done for putting a flavor in the song ‘I Saw The Sign’ which the group has been singing for every competition.

But their last resort was to try Beca’s idea that led to the latter’s take over of the team. They first tried Bruno Mars’ Just The Way You Are and Beca sang Nelly’s Just A Dream.

The day where Aubrey handed the Barden Bellas to Beca.

The day when Aubrey handed the Barden Bellas to Beca.

Use your God-given talent. Beca, as an aspiring DJ, incorporated to the winning strategy what she knew could help their group – to mix songs.

Never quit! I think this is the most important lesson the movie had plotted. As the saying goes “Quitters never win.”

Sometimes when we watch a movie, we tend to just enjoy it. But we must also look into the details of every lesson it can reiterate.

Honestly, I have watched the movie twice. The second time was to familiarize again with every scene in the movie – my favorite part was the ‘riff-off’ (ofcourse endings are an exception). I just loved how the songs flow in the battle from categories ‘Ladies of the 80s’ and ‘Songs about Sex.’ But definitely, I will watch the movie as long as I want to. In Youtube, I just searched some parts of the movie – the riff-off, Just the Way You Are-Just a Dream part and the Barden Bella’s final performance.


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