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They say every name has its own meaning, such as names in the Bible: Joshua, Timothy, etc. But how about abbreviations of the name itself?

My full name, when abbreviated, would result to MCPAG. In text messaging, MCPAG means “masipag” or in English, industrious. Am I?

I blame my parents for having a long first name, with Maria spelled as full – others misspelled it as Ma. But that long name made my handwriting beautiful!

I always say, I’m not intelligent, I’m just industrious at studying. Truly, way back in my early years of studying, I’m always on the Top 10. Bonus is, I’ve been Top 2 in my 2nd year in High school.

In my College years, there’s no Top 10 per year level, what matters most is the so-called ‘Dean’s Lister.’ But I did not try to be on that list, I just enjoyed College life.

Still, I’ve tried to have good grades for my parents who are striving so hard to send us to College and finish it with flying colors. Sadly, I didn’t graduate with flying colors but I made them proud.

The secret? Being industrious!

What will you do with your intelligence if you’re lazy to study? It’s like the saying “What is your beauty, if your brain is empty?” Given the potential, we must flourish it and use it for our improvement.

I can easily say that every name that is given to everyone has its own meaning, and this embarks your identity and character.


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