The Checklist

The Checklist

Who has a ‘checklist?’ I do!

I asked Miriam Webster’s Dictionary what checklist means, and it defines as “a list of things to be checked or done.”

For me, a checklist is a list of ‘to do’s’ for a specific period of time – to do for a day, a week, etc. Also, not just a ‘to do’ but to accomplish!!! (Exaggerations here)

Listing down things to do can help me prioritize task, especially when there’s lots of stuffs to finish. Sometimes, such task has deadlines to comply.

There was a time at work when I’ve tried not to look at my checklist even if it’s already detailed – and everything I did sucks! I still looked at my checklist to see if I’ve miss something.

At school, checklist is really helpful especially when we are about to graduate in College. As class president for the last semester, I have so many obligations to do – to counter check if our grade sheets from 1st – 4th yr. were properly submitted with right student nos. and names; to follow-up to professors if they will be giving class cards then, etc. Alongside that, I still need to fix my own issues – if I have incomplete grades; if I have submitted the right documents for application for graduation, and so on…

At least, if you have a checklist, you can identify which tasks need to be done and what to follow-up.

How about you… Do you also have a checklist?

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