If Only


I don’t know when it was first shown, but watching the movie ‘If Only’ is timeless.

I’ve known it from a friend and she gave a glimpse of what’s the story of the movie. We were just having a conversation about ‘Rooftop Prince,’ a Koreanovela which she liked and marathon it, and suddenly we ended up chatting about the movie.

She said it was a movie of Jennifer Love Hewitt, about second chances when it comes to relationship. There’s this song that she sang which I knew but never did I downloaded, the song goes like this.. ‘I love you, you love me..’ As I searched it, the song’s title was Love Will Show You Everything. 

I said I love Jennifer’s songs, especially Barenaked and Cool With You. She offered to give me a copy of the movie but there’s no chance.

It’s weekend and I thought of watching it via online since it was so long ago when it was screened and found a copy in Youtube. Yes! The movie was uploaded in Youtube in full.

After watching the movie, I am still thinking “what if” it will happen to me, “what if” my boyfriend died not saying what I really feel about him, “what if” I didn’t tell my boyfriend I love him, “what if” I made him just my second priority to work.

As the movie ended, it will leave you a ‘question mark’ in your mind, the “what if’s” that may occur.

It’s really a realization movie.

To sum up the story: Sam (Jennifer Love Hewitt) had a car accident that leads her to death. Her boyfriend Ian (Paul Nicholls) never tells her girlfriend Sam how much he loves her. The worst thing was, Sam felt like second priority to Ian. Until one day, he wakes up with Sam beside her in bed and is still alive! For Ian, it was just a dream that Sam died of accident. So he took the chance to show how much she loved Sam.

Everything that’s happening that day happened in his so-called dreams. He knew what will happen and will try to change it, especially Sam’s death.


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